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Grow lights

Unique vigor on a scientific basis!

We know that plants thrive better with the right light. We provide scientifically developed LED lights with precisely those wavelengths that maximize growth. Our range includes different kinds of lamps with different effects.

Plant Lamps

Plant lamps have a standard E27 socket, which means that they fit into an existing fixture for traditional bulbs, but we also have specially designed light fixtures that fit our LED lights. Plant lamps are available in three different light versions, Standard, Grow and Winter.

Plant luminaires

Our luminaires are designed for larger surfaces. They can be used for the cultivation of plants, such as light supplements during the dark seasons, or indoors where sunlight completely missing. The luminaires have a switch that allows you to switch between the blue and red wavelengths, so that you can switch between such light to the cultivation of plants or candles for wintering.

Mini Plant Factory

With the Mini Plant Factory you can either grow hydroponic (in water) or in soil. You may reap salad after a month and spices after just 7 weeks. For cultivation in soil, you have a simple and user-friendly farming bench, where you cultivate your garden plants and vegetables quickly and with very high quality!

About the company

Venso EcoSolutions AB is a subsidiary of Venso Electronics AB, a company with 25-year experience in the sale and import of industrial products to the Scandinavian electronics and engineering industries.

Venso EcoSolutions focuses on selected products with a focus on environmental and energy saving. We provide LED light sources of high quality but at a reasonable price.




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