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A garden in the living room or an herb garden in the kitchen? Enjoy all the pleasures of taking care of plants with Minigarden.

Minigarden™ is produced and developed by the Portuguese company QuizCamp. QuizCamp is a family-run company that employs the most modern processes to develop the Minigarden® brand and to make this Urban Green Revolution reach every corner of the planet. Their purpose with Minigarden is to bring back the green into our lives.

Minigarden™ is a modular system that allows vertical cultivation of ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs. It is self-contained, self-draining and can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Minigardens™ modular system makes it possible to easily design and install vertical gardens very easy and leave room for your creativity.

There are 3 models are available: Minigarden Basic, Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden Corner. For multiple design options, Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden Corner may be installed separately or together. Minigarden Basic is a new solution for people less used to taking care of plants. It introduces the pleasures of having plants without the need to do a lot of work

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Venso EcoSolutions focuses on selected products with a focus on environmental and energy saving. We provide LED light sources of high quality but at a reasonable price.




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